We supply MRI shielding materials for the operator console in an MRI room. Operator console windows are factory fabricated double layer of laminated glass, free of moiré pattern, with a non-reflective black coating, in a lightweight aluminum retainer. MRI shielded windows are installed very simply and quickly, with a nail fin style frame.

MRI machines have sensitive radio-frequency (RF) sensors because they use RF to create images. These sensors can pick up the electromagnetic radio-frequency (RF noise) generated by devices outside of the MRI room from things like computers, phones, transformers, motors, and medical monitors. The external RF noise will distort the image, undermining the purpose of such an accurate imaging device.

MRI windows keep the magnetic field contained within the imaging room, preventing it from disrupting external medical devices and harming sensitive equipment like computers or other imaging machines. These windows also block radio frequencies from distorting diagnostic images.