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Paying for a sales order or invoice denotes review and acceptance of the policy below including the warranty, receiving instructions, and return/replacement policy without exception. This supersedes all other agreements, verbal or written.

  • Customer must verify lead equivalency meets the shielding requirements of the room
  • Payment will be required to begin fabrication.
  • Once fabrication begins, no cancellations or changes may take place
  • Fabrication and transit times are approximations
  • By placing an order and paying you accept and have verified sizes, quantities, lead equivalency, and accept the terms for shipping / receiving and returns / replacement below
  • All products must be inspected upon delivery in the presence of the delivery driver. Once the product is received and the delivery receipt is signed, no claims for damage will be entertained. If there is damage, note it on the delivery receipt and contact us immediately.
  • All radiation shielding calculations must be determined by a radiation physicist. There are no warranties extending beyond the description below.
  • Almost every product on our website will require a forklift or loading dock to offload from the freight carriers truck. Many products cannot use a liftgate due to the size or weight.
  • Our products can only ship to commercial addresses.


This warranties the material only and assumes no responsibility or liability for inadequate design, specifications, shielding report, plans, drawings, or documentation. Modified or altered products are not warrantied. By purchasing the product, the purchaser acknowledges that no claims for damage will be honored after the day of delivery. Any product purchased must be inspected in the presence of the delivery driver. Under no other circumstance will a replacement be provided at no additional charge. A forklift is usually required for unloading due to the weight of the product. A person must be present on the day of delivery. If proper unloading equipment is not present and/or a person to receive the product is not present, then re-delivery fees will be charged.


Receiving Instructions:

Product receiving instructions and maintenance instructions are attached to this email and will be in the packing list attached to the crate.
You must ensure that all of your receiving personal are informed to carefully follow all of the requirements of the detailed receiving instructions.
Be prepared with manpower or equipment at destination to promptly and safely unload and receive your ordered products.
We can not change the shipment destination, or add other services to the shipment after it has left our facility and is in the possession of the trucking company.
Regardless of condition of crate/box/pallet you must immediately open and inspect all products individually for condition or potential concealed damage while the delivery driver is present.
Promptly inspect each product for quality, size and quantity and immediately inform us by phone call and detailed descriptions in email if any discrepancies same day as received.
Claims for damage cannot be made after the delivery receipt is signed.
If the terms of the receiving instructions are not followed and the products are not inspected in the presence of the delivery driver, we cannot file the freight claim or be involved in the claim process.

If the product was damaged in transit (which is rare) follow the steps below:

  • You must clearly note in writing any damages or discrepancies described in detail on the bill of lading delivery paperwork and promptly contact us at 1(800)-506-9972
  • Take photos immediately of the crate, the tip-n-tell indicator on the crate, and the damaged glass and email the photos to us and keep a copy of them for your freight claim.
  • Keep all broken pieces, packaging and paperwork; the freight company may need to schedule an inspection for the freight claim

After receiving the products/shipment, no "after the fact" claims of product damage or discrepancy claims will be accepted or considered. (Sorry, but there are no exceptions)
All glass related products will conform to ASTM C 1036 visual/physical quality inspection protocols and standards only, this is the national glass quality standard.
Any claims for damages will not be considered if not promptly fully inspected upon delivery and clearly noted in writing on receiving paperwork, and promptly notifying us same day.
You must document and carefully return any claimed non-conforming products in original good condition for possible recovery or inspection, prior to any replacement considerations.
Absolutely no claims for damage, defects, discrepancies of any kind will be considered after a product is installed. Installation of product is interpreted as full acceptance of any product "as is"
Lead Glass Pro does not accept any outside purchase order terms/conditions, or any verbal changes or directions. Only the terms listed here and on our documentation will be honored. Any changes will require a new revised order to be issued.
Please feel free to contact us directly if any questions or concerns at sales@leadglasspro.com


    Return / Refund / Replacement Policy

    All materials and products are custom fabricated to customers written descriptions, specifications and sizes on the sales order or invoice. Due to the custom nature and specialized use and applications of these products, once an order is paid, any returns are subject to a 35% restocking fee. If the reason for the return is anything other than manufacturers error, the purchaser (you) will be responsible for the return shipping costs. The return request must be initiated in writing to sales@leadglasspro.com within 30 days of delivery. A return authorization number is required for all returns. You can acquire a return authorization number by emailing us with your order number and reason for the return request.

    Upon receiving the product, customer must immediately and thoroughly inspect all materials / products in the presence of the delivery driver.
    In the event that a product is fabricated in error and does not match the LeadGlassPro sales order or invoice and the customer provides confirmation and reasonable proof and documentation of manufacturer’s error or discrepancy, LeadGlassPro will offer to replace the product or material based on the customer’s timely and immediate email notification of the error or discrepancy in writing within 2 days of receipt of materials / products. At our sole discretion, we may require return of the original product in good condition.

    Please note that on all products, Purchaser / Customer (you) assumes full responsibility to promptly and fully inspect the product upon receiving it in the presence of the shipping company / delivery truck driver BEFORE signing the bill of lading or delivery receipt. Failure by the Purchaser / Customer to properly inspect AT THAT TIME and note any damage on the bill of lading or delivery receipt may void any claims or rights against the shipping company for reimbursement. LeadGlassPro does not accept any liability or responsibility for refunds or replacements for any damages caused by the shipping company. However, if you have properly inspected the freight at the time of receiving and noted any damage on the bill of lading receipt in the presence of the delivery company, we will assist you with the filing of the freight claim. If you sign for the product without inspecting it and there is damage, we will NOT absorb your loss or assist in any reimbursement attempts due to your failure to follow these receiving instructions.
    Paying for a sales order or invoice denotes review and acceptance of this policy without exception.

    Standard lead glass tolerances are as follows: 0.03" thickness, 0.0625" dimensions, and 0.03" diameter for glass discs