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Radiation Shielded Glasses

Radiation Shielded Glasses

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Our leaded glasses are made from the highest quality and highest clarity lead glass in the U.S. These lightweight and sturdy frames won’t warp or loosen with age. The perforated silicone rubber nose pads enhance comfort while also extending a hand to superior grip. Perfect for fog-reducing ventilation, available in several colors and styles to best fit your personality.

  • High quality, distortion-free radiation-shielding lenses with .75mm lead equivalency.
  • Rubberized soft grip nose pads for comfortable and secure fit
  • High light transmission lenses for excellent distortion free viewing

Radiation-Shielded Glasses

Protective, Stylish, & Comfortable

Protect your eyes from harmful radiation with our industry-leading radiation-shielded glasses. They pack a protective 0.75 mm lead equivalency while still offering unrivaled comfort and style. Proper ventilation and high-light transmission lenses ensure your view is undistorted. You can treat patients with peace of mind of knowing you are shielded against radiation.

Advantages & Features

We've taken the time to develop the highest-quality, top-performing, and even the most stylish radiation-shielded lead glasses on the market. With decades of collective experience, our team was able to design these lead glasses with the best features available.


Surgeons and x-ray technicians need to maintain uninhibited vision when treating patients. That's why we've strategically designed our lead glasses with proper ventilation to reduce condensation build-up. This way, you can get through the treatment while keeping your eyes safe without having to worry about fog.


There's a common misconception that leaded eyewear have to be heavy and uncomfortable to wear. In reality, it is possible to create high-functioning and efficacious radiation-shielded glasses that are lightweight which is exactly what we did. These glasses feel just like wearing normal glasses with the added peace of mind of knowing you have protection against harmful radiation.


The most important characteristic of any radiation protection equipment is the level of radiation resistance it offers wearers. With a 0.75 mm lead equivalency, our lead-lined glasses are the most protective on the market rivaling the protection offered by some lead aprons or caps so you can operate in confidence.


You'll most likely be wearing your radiation-shielding leaded glasses for extended periods of time and even for the majority of the day in some instances. Our comfortable lead glasses prove you don't have to compromise comfort for protection. You can still get professional radiation protection with a natural-feeling, secure, and padded pair of glasses.


You put time and energy into looking presentable every time you come into the office, so why should it be any different with your radiation protection equipment? It doesn’t have to be! Our lead glasses come in a wide range of colors and styles so you can match your personal style and preferences.

Get your hands on a pair of our radiation-shielded eyeglasses for protection against harmful radiation when you’re conducting an x-ray. You’ll have no trouble finding a pair you love!