X-Ray Glass and Lead Lined Window Frames

Standard Size window frames available in 3 to 5 days

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X-Ray Lead Glass


Door Lite Kits with X-Ray Safety Glass

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Lead Backed Sheetrock/Drywall

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It is always a pleasure doing business with this company. They not only have the best prices but also the fastest lead times.

This was our first order but they treated me like their best customer and shipped my glass the same day it was ordered.

I am impressed by everything about this company including the packaging. I know lead glass is fragile but this crate could survive anything!

I have bought x-ray glass from 3 other companies before finding lead glass pro. I liked my old supplier but got tired of waiting 3 to 5 WEEKS for every order. My first order with lead glass pro arrived in 4 DAYS and was less than another company that had quoted it.