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Lead Backed Drywall

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Lead lined drywall is the preferred choice when constructing a room that requires shielding from radiation.

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Lead backed sheetrock, also known as lead lined drywall, or lead lined wall board, and lead backed gypsum is required in almost every radiation imaging room.

We can provide it on either 1/2" non-rated or 5/8" fire rated sheetrock gypsum wall board. Our board meets ASTM C 1396, and the pure sheet lead we use meets Federal Specification QQ-L-201 F, Grade C and ASTM B749-03, Type L51121 factory laminated under pressure to the back side of the drywall. It is custom manufactured to customer specifications and is typically available in 2 days.

  • Standard size is 4ft x 7ft lead on 8ft board.
  • Typical fabrication time is 2 days.
  • Available in 1/2" and 5/8” drywall (5/8" standard)
  • Includes one 2" vertical batten strip per sheet for joints and 50 lead discs per sheet that can be placed over the screw heads
  • We have 11 standard lead thicknesses for lead lined drywall ranging from 1/64" (1#) to 1/4" (16#)
  • We can fabricate lead lined plywood for heavier lead thicknesses from 1/8" (8#) to 2" (120#)
  • Lead height is the federal minimum of 7'0"
  • Lead can optionally be up to 12'0" high (standard is 7' lead on 8' board)
  • Optional Mold Resistant or Abuse Resistant wall board

Shielding accessories are included for lead backed drywall or lead lined sheetrock installation include a 2" wide lead batten strip for vertical joints, lead discs for screw penetrations, and optional lead corners.

  • Sheet lead backing must be equal or greater value as the lead in the wall partition where penetration occurs.
  • Radiation shielding shall be designed by a qualified expert (radiation physicist, medical health physicist, or county health officer who is competent to design radiation shielding for medical x-ray imaging facilities.
  • The qualified expert is a person who is certified by the American Board of Radiology, American Board of Health Physics, or the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine) to ensure the required degree of protection is achieved.
  • The qualified expert should be consulted during the early planning stages since the shielding requirements may affect the choice of location of radiation facilities and type of building construction.
  • The qualified expert should be provided with all pertinent information regarding the proposed radiation equipment and its use, type of building construction, and occupancy of nearby areas.
  • It may be necessary to submit the final shielding drawings and specifications to pertinent regulatory agencies for review prior to construction.

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Lead Backed Sheetrock, or Drywall as it’s commonly called, is a laminated product consisting of UL Fire rated drywall and pure lead sheet metal. The lead we use is the purest available at 99.9% pure. It offers protection against radiation by absorbing the energy of the radiation. Lead backed drywall must be used in radiation producing rooms such as CT Scanners, General X-Ray Rooms, Fluoroscopy, PET Scanner Rooms and anywhere else radiation imaging or therapy is taking place. Lead backed drywall protects people outside the x-ray room as well as the x-ray technician.

Lead backed drywall is not to be used in MRI rooms..


Lead sheetrock must be installed vertically, never horizontally. A vertical lead batten strip is required at every joint to provide the proper radiation shielding overlap as required by NCRP (National Council on Radiation Protection). The screw layout is 8” on center for the vertical edge, and 12” on center for the intermediate studs. Screw heads will need to be covered by lead discs for any lead thickness over 1/16”. NCRP allows for 1/16” and thinner lead to not need lead shielding for the screws because the screw itself attenuates the radiation. We provide 1 batten strip and 50 lead discs per sheet at no additional cost so you have everything you need to complete your lead backed drywall installation. In the U.S. if there is no occupancy above the room, the lead shielding is only required to extend to 7’ AFF (Above Finished Floor) regardless of the height of the walls, and is not required on the ceiling. This is because radiation is linear and does not change direction so it will continue up towards the sky and eventually become insignificant.. Similarly, if there is no occupancy below, lead shielding is not required on the floor, as it will be shielded by the ground. Lead can be screwed or nailed directly to studs without first being laminated to sheetrock. This is because the weight and malleability of the lead will cause it to sag over time and fall down inside the wall cavity.


Lead Drywall is a reliable form of protection that can be utilized in many different applications throughout the medical imaging and treatment field, without risking long-term radiation exposure.. Lead drywall is designed to protect against gamma-ray and x-ray radiation. The thickness of the lead shielding correlates with the amount of radiation protection it provides. Lead shielding requirements can only be determined by a licensed radiation physicist or your county health department.

We carry lead shielding from 1/64” to 2” thick ready to ship in just 2 to 3 days after order placement.

All industries that use Lead Drywall are drawn to this because of its safety, price, and efficiency. However, lead drywall is also preferred because of its versatility, it can be customized in size and shape in the field so no pre-cutting is required.


  • Lead Glass Pro offers the highest purity lead drywall available for the most efficient medical radiation shielding, 99.9% pure
  • Lead Glass Pro ensures that its materials are uniformly dense and have a high-quality composition, which provides a dependable shielding value.
  • Lead Glass Pro’s lead drywall is approved for the medical x-ray, gamma, alpha, and beta photon shielding only. And is NOT for thermal neutron or fast neutron shielding. Lead does NOT shield against Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), electro-magnetism or radio-frequency, ultrasound, laser or any non-ionizing types of radiation.
  • Lead Glass Pro x-ray protective lead drywall meets Federal Specification QQ-L-201F, ASTM B749, ASTM C 1396 requirements and all applicable current NCRP and ICRP lead shielding criteria and standards and physical quality requirements.

The most common thicknesses are available for purchase directly on this webpage. If your application requires a higher lead shielding thickness, please submit a quote request to sales@leadglasspro.com


Lead Glass Pro customers are thrilled at the speed with which our company delivers their lead sheetrock. 99% of our Lead Drywall is shipped within 2 days of order placement. The transit time is only typically 1 to 4 days. That means that most Lead Glass Pro customers have their products, from start to finish, at their doorstep in a week. Other companies are known to take 5 or more weeks before an order is filled and delivered.

We also only use 99.9% pure sheet lead for all of our lead shielding products. Too often, our competition has used Grade B (95%) which is not approved for radiation shielding in the U.S. and is only supposed to be used for roofing or sound proofing.


In addition to having many lead thicknesses and board sizes  in stock, Lead Glass Pro also offers options to make your Lead Backed Drywall fit your needs precisely. Here are the add-on options that are available upon request:

  • ⅝” Fire Rated Drywall or ½” Non-Rated Drywall
  • Lead Backed Plywood is available for thick lead applications
  • Lead corners, additional lead batten strips, and additional lead discs
  • Cut to size drywall and plywood for easy installation
  • Board sizes up to 12’ are available with no extra fabrication time


  • Customer must verify lead equivalency meets the shielding requirements of the room
  • Payment will be required to begin fabrication.
  • Once fabrication begins, no cancellations or changes may take place
  • By placing this order and paying you accept and have verified sizes, quantities, lead equivalency, and accept the terms for shipping / receiving and returns / replacement
  • All products must be inspected upon delivery in the presence of the delivery driver. Once the product is received and the delivery receipt is signed, no claims for damage will be entertained. If there is damage, note it on the delivery receipt and contact us immediately.
  • All radiation shielding calculations must be determined by a radiation physicist.
  • A forklift is required for offloading