Lead-Lined Doors: The Ultimate Shield Against Radiation

Welcome to Led Glass Pro, your trusted source for cutting-edge radiation shielding solutions, from x-ray lead lined doors, to PET scanners. Explore our exclusive collection of lead lined doors designed to meet the stringent demands of radiation protection across diverse industries. As a leading provider in the field, we pride ourselves on delivering uncompromising safety without sacrificing aesthetics. Our lead lined doors seamlessly integrate advanced shielding technology, providing unparalleled defense against ionizing radiation. Whether you operate in healthcare, nuclear facilities, or research environments, our doors are crafted with precision to ensure optimal protection. Discover the epitome of safety and sophistication with Lead Glass Pro.

Protect Your Healthcare Facility with Our Lead-Lined Doors

Safeguarding the well-being of patients and medical professionals is paramount in any healthcare facility. At Lead Glass Pro, we understand the critical importance of radiation protection in medical environments. Our lead lined doors are meticulously designed to fortify healthcare facilities against ionizing radiation, ensuring the safety of personnel and patients alike.

Crafted with precision and advanced shielding technology, our doors provide an effective barrier without compromising the aesthetics of the space. Trust Lead Glass Pro to enhance the radiation safety measures in your healthcare facility, offering peace of mind and security in every doorway.

Frequently Asked Question

Lead lined doors are used for a very specific and important purpose: radiation shielding

Lead lined doors are essential in X-ray rooms, CT scan suites, and radiation therapy rooms. They protect medical personnel and patients in adjacent areas from unnecessary radiation exposure. They are also used in industrial settings and research labs.

We have standard swing lead lined doors available in wooden and metal to seamlessly blend with the overall architectural theme of your space. We also have a range of wooden veneers for aesthetic finish.

Our lead lined hollow metal doors are constructed of A60 galvannealed and cold rolled steel faces, internal lead lining, internally steel stiffened, and fiberglass insulated.

Yes. Please request a quote for a custom size, lead thickness, or door prep.

You will need to check with your local health official or radiation physicist to determine the required lead shielding for your room.

Yes. But we do offer the door with a lead lined frame to further protect from radiation.

If you can’t see the size lead lined door that you require, please submit a custom quote to us. We can fabricate custom sized doors at request.

Lead doors are constructed with a lead lined inner core that is sandwiched between two layers of metal. The lead-lined core provides the door with its radiation shielding properties. While lead doors can be made with materials, such as aluminum, steel is often used for the outer layers of the door, as it is robust and has a high resistance to impact.

Our standard lead lined hollow metal door is not fire rated and does not include hardware such as keyed lock sets, hinges, or door closers. These door accessories can be bought separately here.

Yes. We sell lead lined door kites. Our Lead Door Lite Kits come complete with lead glass, lead lined vision frame, and fasteners to provide an easy, code-compliant way to add a window to any of our lead lined doors.

When installing lead lined doors, it is important to use qualified and experienced personnel to ensure that all cracks are sealed to stop radiation exposure.

Our lead lined doors are effective against various forms of ionizing radiation, including X-rays and gamma rays. They provide a reliable barrier to protect individuals and equipment from potential harm.

The thickness of lead lining can vary based on the specific requirements of the application and the level of radiation protection needed. Thicker lead lining provides higher levels of shielding.

Explain the concept of lead equivalency (mm Pb) and how it corresponds to protection levels.

If you work in the medical field, it's important to have lead doors to protect you from radiation. Lead doors also provide excellent protection for industrial and commercial applications where high levels of radiation are present.

Lead lined metal doors provide an effective barrier against radiation. The lead blocks the ionizing radiation, preventing it from passing through the door and into the room beyond. The amount of lead required to provide adequate protection depends on the level of radiation present.

We hold standard sized lead doors in stock and we can ship these to addresses in the US in a week. Custom doors are shipped within 6 to 8 weeks as they will need to be fabricated from scratch.