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X-Ray Lead Gloves

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Our sterile, radiation resistant gloves protects while provide dexterity and comfort. Thinner texture grained fingertips provide enhanced tactile sensitivity while anatomically correct curved fingers reduce hand fatigue. Gloves reduce scatter radiation, not intended for primary beam exposure. The material is powder-free — reducing proteins, antigens, and irritation. FDA 510K approved for surgical use.

Leaded Gloves Lead-Free, Latex-Free
Color Brown Black
Thickness 0.6mm 0.3mm
Size 9 9
Quantity 30 Pairs 5 Pairs


    Industry-Leading Lead Gloves for X-Ray Operations

    X-rays are typically done in non-emergency settings where patients only receive a screening. However, there are serious circumstances that demand x-rays be taken during an actual operation. Doctor’s performing the surgery need to successfully complete the operation while still remaining shielded from the harmful x-rays. That’s where our x-ray lead gloves come into play.

    These professionally designed lead gloves offer the dexterity and sterility of standard operating gloves with the added protection of radiation-resistant material. They provide the perfect balance surgeons need to successfully complete these complex and critical operations without risking unnecessary radiation exposure.

    Sterile, Dexterous, and Anatomically Aligned

    These lead gloves are designed to fit anatomically correct to the natural curvature of fingers. Better yet, every finger of the glove is specifically tailored to match the feel of that specific digit for optimal dexterity. This also limits hand fatigue so surgeons can operate with the utmost confidence.

    Tactile Tips

    Doctors don't have to worry about losing finger dexterity and tactile sensitivity at their fingertips since our gloves come with thinner and grained material at the fingertips. This allows for finer handling of even the smallest instruments, allowing surgeons to remain unimpeded during x-ray operations.

    Comfortable Design

    Surgeons shouldn’t have to worry about discomfort from surgical gloves when performing an operation which is why we’ve designed our lead gloves to be as lightweight, dexterous, and comfortable as possible without sacrificing any protection from radiation.

    Universal Fit

    We’ve designed our lead gloves to comfortably fit various hand sizes so doctors can operate naturally without feeling cumbersome or limited in their dexterity. Instead of using a variety of providers, you can reliably source all your radiation protective materials from one convenient place.

    Bulk Order

    You need a new pair of gloves with every operation which can add up quickly, especially for larger practices. A single order of our lead gloves will get you 30 pairs of industry-leading lead gloves. You can order as many as you need at once so you can keep your inventory stocked.

    Extended Protection

    Our lead gloves extend far past the hand and wrist area to provide extended protection up to the end of the forearm. It’s not enough to simply block radiation in the hands since x-rays can reach further up the arm in x-ray operating rooms.

    Get your hands on industry-leading lead gloves today!

    Your practice, surgeons, and patients deserve the best lead gloves. They offer protection from harmful radiation so surgeons can operate with confidence while still offering sufficient dexterity and comfort so that accuracy is still maintained for optimal performance.