Frame Lead Lining Kits

Frame Lead Lining Kits

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We offer lead lining kits so you can lead line your own hollow metal frames, rather than paying shipping for an entire lead lined frame. We offer the flat kits which you will have to bend to your frame profile or you can contact us for a quote on a pre-bent kit which is fabricated to fit your unique frame profile (this service typically adds $40 and we will require your frame profile which can be attained from the frame manufacturer). You can also contact us if you require a different lead equivalency or a larger lead lining kit.

These lead lining kits can be used to lead line door frames up to 4' x 8' and window frames up to 4' x 4' The totals include shipping.


Installation: We recommend using any construction adhesive that is for metal (such as SB-12) to adhere the lead into the throat of the frame. You must maintain 1/2" lead overlap per NCRP guidelines. The lead lining in the frame must also overlap the lead lining in the wall and glass or door by at least 1/2"

The lead lining in the frame must meet or exceed the lead lining requirements of the wall that the frame occurs in. It is the customer's responsibility to confirm the lead thickness prior to ordering.