X-Ray Shielded Integral Mini Blind IGU

integral blind insulated x-ray glass

Integral mini blind insulated glass units (IGU) are available in a wide variety of sizes, glass compositions, and thicknesses to achieve a range of requirements.

A few of the types of glass compositions offered are: X-Ray Glass for Radiation Shielding, Low E, Bullet Resistant, and more.

Mini Blind Blade Color Options

Standard blind colors have a 6 week fabrication time

Standard colors are White (S102), Cream (S149), and Silver (S157)

Operation: Tilt Only or Lift and Tilt

Operator location: Customer chooses between top left or top right

Operator style: Customer chooses Knob or Wand (for tilt only), or Cord (for lift and tilt)

integral mini blind colors
Operator Types are shown below:
Mini Blind Insulated Glass

Internal Mini Blind IGUs

Internal Mini Blind IGUs are assembled and permanently sealed within the dual glazing cavity. Once sealed in this dust free environment, the blinds always appear new and require no cleaning, unlike external blind systems.

Solar Energy is made up of visible light (53.5%), infra-red (45%) and a small amount of UV radiation.

Depending on the lift and tilt of the blinds, the amount of visible light that passes through a Mini Blind IGU can vary from 82% to 1%. This ability of the system allows for a wide variety of applications:

  • Clean environments requiring privacy such as hospitals
  • High light transmission (school, offices)
  • Low light transmission (such as meeting rooms, multimedia areas or operating theaters)
  • Energy saving in exterior windows, avoiding the cost of expensive air conditioning and sun damage to fabrics and flooring.

Mini Blind IGUs are available in a wide variety of glass types to provide privacy and cleanliness. Internal Mini Blind IGUs also control the amount of infra-red energy passing through the window and consequently reduces the internal heating effect, thus reducing the cost of expensive air conditioning.  By offering some control over the quantity of UV radiation, Mini Blind IGUs can reduce the chromatic deterioration which affects fabrics.

Minimum size is 12" x 12"
Maximum size is 78-3/4" Wide x 48" High

Contact Lead Glass Pro for more information about Internal Mini Blind IGUs by emailing us at sales@leadglasspro.com


blinds between glass

- Customer must verify lead equivalency meets the shielding requirements of the room
- Payment will be required to begin fabrication.
Once fabrication begins, no cancellations or changes may take place
- By placing this order and paying you accept and have verified sizes, quantities, lead equivalency, and accept the terms for shipping / receiving and returns / replacement
- All products must be inspected upon delivery in the presence of the delivery driver. Once the product is received and the delivery receipt is signed, no claims for damage will be entertained. If there is damage, note it on the delivery receipt and contact us immediately.
- All radiation shielding calculations must be determined by a radiation physicist.