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Lead Glass Pro

X-Ray Lead Vinyl

X-Ray Lead Vinyl

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Lead shielded vinyl sheets for radiation protection

Our flexible lead vinyl rolls come in 4' x 8' rolls and are available in 1mm lead equivalency and weighs only 3.5 pounds per square foot. Multiple layers can be used to obtain higher lead equivalencies

  • Available in 1mm lead equivalency
  • 48" x 96" Rolls
  • Flexible and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Uniform Density
  • Resistant to Abrasion, Acid, and Alkali

Lead vinyl is a preferred choice for low energy radiation shielding due to the fact that the lead is encapsulated so the risk of lead exposure is minimized. Lead vinyl is used in many personal radiation shields such as lead aprons, thyroid shields, and gonad shields. Lead vinyl can also be applied to drywall or plywood when building a radiation shielded imaging room.