Wearable Radiation Protective Products

X-Ray Shielded Aprons

Lead shielded apron

X-Ray Shielded Lead Aprons are available as a standard "one size fits all" and meets 0.5mm Lead Equivalency. It has a easy to clean surface to help meet strict medical office hygiene policies.

Thyroid Shield

Leaded thyroid shield

Our Leaded Thyroid Shields also meet 0.5mm Lead Equivalency and product a vital organ that can easily be affected be radiation exposure. 

Shielded Gloves

X-Ray shielded gloves

X-Ray Shielded Gloves are available as leaded or lead-free and latex-free and are approved for surgical use.


leaded glasses for x-ray protection

Our X-Ray Protective Lead Glasses are available in popular, high quality, name brand frame such as Nike and Kate Spade.


lead lined caps and hoods

Our Leaded Caps and Hoods are a one size fits all with an adjustable drawstring. These meet 0.5mm Lead Equivalency to protection your most important organ.

Gonad Shield

Lead gonad shield

Our Lead Shielded Gonad Shields are an adjustable one size fits all. These meet 0.5mm Lead Equivalency.