PET Scan Room (Positron Emission Tomography)

Pet scan room radiation shielding

PET Scan Rooms use high energy radiation isotopes for cancer treatment and imaging of both bony structures and soft tissue. Pet scan rooms are large, about 20' x 30' and can often require thicker lead shielding than other more common imaging rooms. These rooms require lead shielded walls, doors, control booth for the x-ray technician, and often large window frames with x-ray lead glass.

The shielding requirements of each room and even each wall in a room can change based on the machine, location, how often the machine will be used, energy of radiation, and several other factors. The shielding requirements can only be determined by a licensed radiation physicist.

To request a quote on radiation shielding products for a PET Scan room, click here to email us. The information we need to properly quote your project is the materials required (ie; windows, sheetrock, doors, etc) and the lead equivalency required.