Radiation Protection Products - Walls, Doors, and Mobile Barriers

Lead Backed Sheetrock

Lead lined drywall - lead backed sheetrock

Lead backed sheetrock (also called lead lined drywall) is the most efficient material to shield a X-Ray or CT Scan room in terms of price and performance. Our lead backed sheetrock is ready to ship in 2 to 3 days. We can fabricate any lead thickness required for your project.

Lead Sheet, Plate, and Rolls

Lead Sheet, Plate, and Rolls for Radiation Shielding

Lead sheet can be used to shield electrical boxes, HVAC vents, and other cut-outs in a lead lined wall or applied to drywall to shield a radiation room. This is a stock item and can be custom sized or cut in the field by the installer. Our pure lead sheets are 99.9% pure and meet FED Specifications ASTM B749-03 & QQ-L-201F and are 99.9% Pure.

Lead Corners and Batten Strips

Lead Corners and Batten Strips for Radiation Shielding

Lead Corners are 90 degree formed lead for lead lining wall corners before drywall is installed.
Lead Batten Strips go at the vertical drywall joints before the lead backed drywall is installed.

Lead Lined Wood Doors

Lead Lined Wood Doors

Lead lined wood doors are available in stock sizes and custom sizes. In addition to Lead Lined Door Frames, these are also available with a Lead Lined Door Lite Kit with Leaded-X-Ray Safety Glass if a view window is required in your door.

Lead Lined Metal Doors and Frames

Lead Lined X-Ray Room Door

Our lead lined metal doors are made from galvanized steel, have a fully welded and primed, ready to install, frame. These are custom made and can be used for every radiation room from general X-Ray to PET scanners. These doors are also available with a Lead Lined Door Lite Kit with X-Ray Leaded Safety Glass.

X-Ray Door Accessories

lead shielded door accessories

Lead Glass Pro offers a variety of Lead Door Accessories including: X-Ray Door Viewers, Lead Shielded Door Sweeps, Lead Lined Astragals (for pair doors), and Lead Lining of customer supplied cylindrical locksets.

X-Ray Mobile Barriers

We offer a range of stock size Mobile X-Ray Barriers available in 2mm Lead Equivalency. This is the idea solution for a temporary X-Ray room or to be used in conjunction with a portable x-ray machine.

Lead Backing for Electrical Boxes

Lead Backing for Electrical Boxes

Lead shielding of all penetrations is required in all radiation producing imaging rooms. We offer the only prefabricated electrical box shielding solution available. With our pre-formed lead backing, electricians and drywall contractors don't need to know the complex radiation shielding overlaps and installation requirements.

Frame Lead Lining Kits

Frame Lead Lining Kit

We offer both flat lead lining kits for your steel window or door frames as well as pre-formed lead lining kits bent to the specific frame profile you provide. This is the quickest and easiest way to lead lined a frame and can even be done in the field with tin snips and metal bond construction adhesive.