Mammography Room

mammography imaging room x-ray radiation shielding

What is a mammography room?

A mammography room is designed specifically for imaging breast tissue to detect tumors, cancers, and other abnormalities. Mammogram rooms use lower levels of radiation than other x-ray rooms because technicians are imaging soft tissue rather than bones. A mammography room can be smaller than standard x-ray rooms while still getting the job done, typically 10' x 10' or smaller.

Is the radiation from mammography x-rays harmful?

A mammography room does use lower levels of radiation when compared to other forms of x-ray practices. However, radiation is harmful even in small doses which means technicians still need to take necessary precautions to protect themselves and others from radiation. This protection comes in the form of lead-lined protection such as windows, doors, and even mobile barriers and personal equipment such as lead gloves, aprons, eyewear, and caps that all limit exposure to radiation.

Why are there separate mammography rooms?

Mammography x-rays don't take place in standard rooms within a healthcare facility for a few reasons. First and foremost, the equipment needed to properly assess breast tissue for cancer or tumors is highly specialized. Secondly, healthcare specialists want to limit radiation exposure among technicians and patients. Some mammography rooms are even taken on the road in the form of mobile rooms or converted RVs to bring the treatment and screening to more people.

How big are mammography rooms?

Mammography rooms are smaller than other x-ray rooms such as dental x-ray rooms or chiropractic x-ray rooms. As mentioned before, this size difference is due to the nature of the x-rays happening in a mammography room. As a result, doctors can save on valuable real estate by making these rooms smaller. Generally, they’re around 10’ x 10’ which is just enough room to accommodate the mammography imaging equipment, the patient, and a technician.

Protect your technicians with top-tier mammography equipment.

At Lead Glass Pro, we provide top-of-the-line radiation protection equipment to keep technicians and patients safe. These products are designed to limit exposure to radiation as much as possible. Specifically for mammography rooms, we offer lead-lined window frames that offer superior visibility so technicians can see what they're doing and get accurate results while still remaining protected from harmful radiation.

This way, patients get the results they deserve and healthcare professionals stay safe. Better yet, our lead-lined window frames only take around 10 minutes to fully install without the need for specialized experience or know-how. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our mammography x-ray protection equipment. We’d be happy to answer all your questions.