Lead Lined Solid Core Wood Doors

lead lined wood door for x-ray room

We can provide standard size lead lined wood doors or custom lead lined doors for your project-specific requirements. Select from standard sizes or request a quote for custom sizes or lead thicknesses.

While these lead thicknesses are the most common for general x-ray rooms such as doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and medical centers; you will still need to check with your local health official or radiation physicist to determine the required lead shielding for your room.

Our standard 3' x 7' doors below are solid-core wood doors, slab doors, with paint-grade hardboard veneer, not prepped for hardware or locksets.

All lead lined door prices listed below include shipping. We offer higher lead equivalencies if required.

Net Size Lead Thickness Price
36" x 84" 1/32" -- (2#) -- 0.8mm $1,638 Buy Now
36" x 84" 1/16" -- (4#) -- 1.6mm $1,770 Buy Now
36" x 84" 5/64" -- (5#) -- 2mm $1,838 Buy Now
36" x 84" 3/32" -- (6#) -- 2.4mm $1,905 Buy Now
 36" x 84" 1/8" -- (8#) -- 3.2mm $2,119 Buy Now

For a formal quote for custom sizes or multiple doors on one order Contact us at sales@leadglasspro.com