Lead Drywall Unloading, Storage, Handling and Stocking


Lead backed drywall must always be kept out of the sun and stored indoors in a cool dry place. If it is left outdoors, the lead sheets will absorb heat and cause the gypsum drywall to sweat and thus become soft and prone to crack, fracture and break.


If you have the drywall in the back of a truck on a hot day or in the sun, move to a shaded area and cover it with cardboard or another sheet of regular drywall and let it cool prior to moving or stocking it. Preferably park the truck in cool shade and stock only in the early morning hours.

Each stack of lead backed drywall has a protective sheet of regular drywall on the bottom and top of the stack.

Batten strips for vertical joints and discs for screw penetrations are typically under the top sheet of the stack.

The lead backed sheetrock is manufactured as a laminated process under pressure in a quality controlled, standardized manner that does not cause any scuffing or fractures/cracks in the board.

Damage can and will occur to the boards if improperly handled during the unloading process or if they are stored outdoors.

Cosmetic white face paper peel/scuffing may occur on the surface if the drywall heavy lead backed drywall is slid off of the stack and onto a drywall cart instead of being tilted as recommended. The white paper is purely for aesthetics. If the brown paper base is completely intact and the board has no exposed gypsum core or cracks, this should never be rejected by an inspector. The surface scuffs are merely superficial and cosmetic and do not compromise or adversely affect the fire resistant performance or shielding protection. Finish as normal with drywall mud and tape per industry standards as typically required for proper finishes.

Carefully unload each stack from the delivery truck with appropriate capacity forklift or other material handling equipment.

Carefully vertically tilt each sheet off of the stack with strong and physically capable and experienced personnel.

NEVER drag the boards across the stack to unload, as this will cause surface scuffing and peeling of the board paper finishes.

Never pivot the board on a corner, as this will fracture the gypsum core edges and/or corners.

Lead backed drywall panels are very heavy and must be secured and stocked flat on a level ground surface on a minimum of 4 or more evenly spaced dunnage or other supportive blocking, and NEVER against a wall or leaned against a vertical surface which materials may tip or fall or collapse causing potential material damage or injury to others.

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