Radiation Fluoroscopy (Rad-Fluoro) Room

fluoroscopy room x-ray lead shielding

Fluoroscopy machines are capable of continuous x-ray imaging of both bone structure, soft tissue, and blood vessels so the movement of a body part or contrast agent (x-ray dye) can be seen in real-time

The radiation shielding requirements of a fluoroscopy room can range depending on many factors. The typical size of these types of radiation rooms also has a large range but generally is about 14' x 18' in size and the window size is typically about 48" x 36"

These rooms require lead shielded wall, windows, doors, a shielded control booth for the x-ray technician, and sometimes ceiling and/or floor shielding if the room has occupancy above or below.

Typically, the lead shielding requirements of a fluoroscopy room do not exceed 1.6mm (4#) but the shielding requirements of each room and even each wall in a room can change based on the machine, location, how often the machine will be used, and several other factors so a shielding report is always required to confirm the lead equivalency. The shielding requirements can only be determined by a licensed radiation physicist.

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