Dental X-Ray Room

dental x-ray lead shielding

What is a dental x-ray room?

A dental x-ray room is a small room within a dental practice or larger practice specifically designed for the imaging of teeth and jaw bones. These rooms are generally set apart from other areas of the facility both for privacy purposes and protection from radiation. It's common for these rooms to measure roughly 10' x 12' in size which is just enough to fit the equipment, dental chair, patient, and one or two dental professionals. X-ray cones, panoramic x-ray machines, or cone beam CTs are the most common types of equipment used in dental x-ray rooms.

What's the point of a dental x-ray room?

A dental x-ray room provides sufficient space for imaging the teeth and jaw of patients. The rooms are equipped with the x-ray equipment needed to perform these in-depth assessments. With the dedicated space, dentists can better determine the condition of a patient's teeth, jaw, roots, and even some facial bones. Not all important dental examinations can be completed by simply looking in the mouth of a patient. These rooms offer the space to perform a vital function of dental health procedures in an efficient, secure, and space-saving manner. Nearly all dental offices have a committed dental x-ray room.

Is the radiation from dental x-rays harmful?

The radiation emitted from a dental x-ray machine might not seem like a lot, but it does have the potential to cause harmful effects. That's why it's important that dentists offer protection for both patients and dental professionals during dental x-rays. This protection can come in the form of x-ray barriers, lead aprons, lead gloves, lead caps, and even radiation protective eyewear. The lead material is designed to block radiation to reduce or eliminate exposure.

What size windows are typical for a dental x-ray room?

Dental x-ray rooms, as mentioned before, tend to be on the smaller end. Dentists' offices aren’t usually that big, so dental professionals are pressed for space but still need to make room to accommodate x-rays. As a result, the window size for dental x-ray rooms will be slightly on the smaller end to minimize the amount of space being taken up. 12” x 12” or 18” x 18” are common sizes for windows. These can either be a window in a wall, or a window within a door, or a window within a mobile x-ray barrier. At Lead Glass Pro, we offer lead-lined windows which offer radiation protection while still optimizing visibility for dental professionals and x-ray technicians.

Equip your dental office with world-class radiation protection.

If you’re running an x-ray room in your dental office, you need to install and provide the necessary radiation protection equipment to keep your staff and patients safe. This includes lead-lined barriers such as windows and doors as well as personal equipment such as aprons, gloves, and caps. At Lead Glass Pro, we provide a wide selection of industry-leading radiation protection equipment. Feel free to contact us today to learn how our products can help your dental office keep everyone safe while providing superb x-ray services.