Chiropractic X-Ray Room

chiropractic x-ray lead shielding

What is a chiropractic x-ray room?

A chiropractor is responsible for relieving issues related to bones, joints, and muscles. A big part of this treatment is diagnostic in nature. In other words, chiropractors need to spend a lot of time with patients figuring out exactly what's wrong before they can provide a course of treatment. While some of this occurs visually or through tactile feel, some issues require x-rays to be truly understood and revealed. This is where a chiropractic x-ray room comes into play. These rooms are committed spaces in a chiropractor's office or larger sports medicine facility where x-rays are taken of patients to increase the accuracy of diagnoses and treatments.

Why do chiropractors have separate x-ray rooms?

X-rays are a fundamental part of chiropractic treatment as they can accurately show what's going on beneath the skin so chiropractors can offer accurate and effective treatments. Chiropractic x-ray rooms serve a dual purpose by providing sufficient space for x-ray equipment and offering protection from radiation for the rest of the practice. As mentioned before, not all chiropractic interventions will require an x-ray, but it's routine enough for many chiropractic offices to have a committed x-ray room.

How big are chiropractic x-ray rooms?

Chiropractic x-ray rooms are usually on the smaller side, generally taking up no more than 10' x 12' with small windows either in the interior wall or interior door. This small size is just big enough to hold the x-ray equipment needed to get the job done without taking up unnecessary space as medical facilities are always looking for ways to optimize space. This allows a healthcare professional to see as many patients as possible while still offering comprehensive and accurate diagnostic services. The smaller room size doesn't matter so much as there's never more than the patient and the x-ray technician in the space at one time.

Is radiation from chiropractic x-rays harmful?

Yes, all forms of radiation are potentially harmful. However, it has been deemed a necessary component of some medical treatments to offer a peak under the curtain so doctors can more accurately treat subcutaneous problems. During an x-ray, the goal is to minimize a patient's and technician's exposure to radiation as much as possible while still getting clear imaging. That's why chiropractic x-ray rooms are required to have lead-shielded walls, doors, windows, barriers, and control booths as well as radiation protective eyewear, aprons, gonad shields, and caps.

Invest in quality x-ray protective equipment.

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