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X-Ray Lead Glass: What is it, and How is it Used?

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X-Ray lead glass is optical glass with lead impregnated into it. Because of the lead inside, it blocks more wavelengths than other glasses, making it perfect for X-Ray equipment.

It is important to have lead glass for x-ray machines, as it will help with radiation shielding. Several properties make lead glass a popular choice for many professionals. Keep reading to learn more about x-ray lead glass and its use!

What is X-Ray Lead Glass?

X-Ray Lead Glass is a material used to shield x-ray imaging equipment, such as medical imaging devices and x-ray security systems. This type of glass is composed of lead oxide, a naturally occurring mineral with the chemical formula PbO.

Lead glass can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes. It can also have different colors. What sets it apart from other types of glass is that its high density and strength characterize it. This makes it well suited for x-ray machines, which must withstand high levels of gamma radiation.

Why is X-Ray Lead Glass Used?

Lead glass is used in x-ray machines because it blocks radiation. This means a technician can use an x-ray machine to see inside the human body without exposing the patient to harmful amounts of radiation.

Uses of X-Ray Lead Glass:


Dentists use lead glasses for several purposes within their practices. One common application is shielding the outside and inside of their standard equipment, preventing radiation from escaping and exposing the patient to harm.

Medical Equipment

Lead glass is most commonly used to shield x-ray equipment. This includes the control room window to protect the x-ray technician as wall as the surrounding walls and doors to protect the staff and other patients from radiation exposure.

Types of Lead Glass that Lead Glass Pro Offers:

All the x-ray lead glass products available through Lead Glass Pro either meet or exceed the National Council of Radiation Protection (NCRP) Report No. 49 and No.147, as well as ICRP lead glass criteria and standards in physical quality descriptions and required densities. There are many different lead glass options available through Lead Glass Pro.

Specific Options That Are Available:

The glass products that are listed here meet a minimum of 2mm lead equivalency based at 150 KVP. However, Lead Glass Pro also offers higher lead equivalencies if required.

While this is the most common lead equivalency for general x-ray rooms used by doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and medical centers, it is still required that you check with your local health official or radiation physicist to determine the required lead shielding for the room(s) in question.


X-ray lead glass is glass with lead impregnated into it. It is important to have lead glass for x-ray machines, as it will help with radiation shielding.

Now that you know what x-ray lead glass is and what it’s used for, you can better appreciate it and understand why it’s such a popular material!

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