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MRI Windows - Magnetic Field Containment | Lead Glass Pro

We supply MRI-Shielding windows for operator consoles in MRI rooms. The sizes listed here are some of the most common sizes, but we also offer custom sizes.

MRI Window purchases include free shipping. These typically ship in 3 to 4 weeks.

These are operator console windows are factory-fabricated double layers of laminated glass, free of moiré pattern, with a non-reflective black coating, in a lightweight aluminum retainer. MRI-Shielding windows are installed very simply and quickly, with a nail fin-style frame.

MRI machines have sensitive radio-frequency (RF) sensors because they use RF to create images. These sensors can pick up the electromagnetic radio-frequency (RF noise) generated by devices outside of the MRI room from things like computers, phones, transformers, motors, and medical monitors. The external RF noise will distort the image, undermining the purpose of such an accurate imaging device.

MRI windows keep the magnetic field contained within the imaging room, preventing it from disrupting external medical devices and harming sensitive equipment like computers or other imaging machines. These windows also block radio frequencies from distorting diagnostic images.

Characteristics of MRI Windows

MRI windows are a necessity in hospitals and clinics that have MRI machines to prevent any problems or faults that the machine’s magnetic field can cause when interfering with other devices. They also need to be usable in the sense that medical staff can see through the glass. Here’s why MRI windows are useful:

  • Lightweight: Aluminum Frame
  • High Visibility Glass: No Moiré Pattern
  • Impact Resistant: Laminated Safety Glass
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Non-Reflective Black Coating
  • Sound Control: STC 40
  • Contains Magnetic Field

Applications of MRI Windows

MRI or EMC windows are primarily used in hospitals and clinics but they aren’t only found in medical buildings. Here are the most common places where MRI windows are used:

  • Sensitive medical operation rooms and MRI body scanning rooms with shielding values of =100dB and from 10-100MHz.
  • Military operation centers and communication shielding
  • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) protection and hardening
  • Protection & interception of data for Government authority, Industrial, Commercial, and Civilian buildings

LeadGlassPro manufactures and provides high-quality MRI windows for medical purposes only. If you want to find out more about our products, feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you.

Benefits of MRI Windows

The main purpose of MRI windows is to prevent magnetic interference between the room where the MRI machine is situated and the medical technicians controlling it from the other room. But there are a couple of other benefits that are just as important:

  • Positive Psychological Reinforcement - MRI windows help patients feel safer and reduce feelings of claustrophobia by providing a clear line of sight between patients and medical staff.
  • Aesthetics - MRI windows, albeit used primarily for function and not form, are still aesthetically pleasing and are made to look like regular windows. This can also evoke a feeling of pleasantness in patients because of the window’s inconspicuous design.
  • Rugged & Strong - Due to how MRI windows are made, regular maintenance will become a thing of the past. Once you install our MRI windows, they’ll continue to do their job and look good for much longer than non-laminated windows.
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