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Lead Shielding for Radiation Imaging

Certain medical interventions and checkups require the use of machines that emit radiation. X-Ray machines release x-rays that are dangerous to humans and can be fatal if exposed to high doses. The same is true about gamma rays.

Because of this, radiation shielding is a must in the medical environment. Lead radiation shields are the most common form of radiation protection due to efficiency and cost. Lead has a high density and atomic number, acting as a barrier against gamma and x-rays.

Lead Glass Pro offers a wide range of lead radiation shielding products for protection against gamma and x-rays in medical applications.

Lead-Lined Windows

Lead shield radiation protection can be applied to window glass and window frames to provide powerful radiation protection to medical professionals on the other side. The windows are mounted and fitted into radiation-shielded drywall.

There are certain requirements that lead windows require in order to be as efficient as possible, including radiation exposure time, radiation type, and the distance from the source of radiation. The overall thickness of lead radiation-shielding windows depends on these factors.

Lead-lined windows are used in various medical industries and imaging facilities, including CT scans, x-ray scans, Gamma Knife, radiology, Proton Therapy, fluoroscopy, and numerous other medical procedures that release radiation.

Lead Glass Pro’s lead-lined radiation shielding windows provide superb visibility and complete radiation protection. We also provide assistance with choosing the best lead shield radiation protection window design to accommodate numerous medical applications and procedures.

Lead Glass Pro X-Ray Lead Glass

Our lead shield radiation protection glass meets the necessary 2mm lead equivalency based at 150kvp. However, if a local health official or radiation physicist determines that the required lead equivalency needs to be higher, we can offer that as well.

Traditional X-Ray lead glass is not impact-resistant and does not meet the impact-resistant requirements to be applied in doors or within 24” of doors.

We also offer impact-resistant X-Ray lead safety glass upon request which complies with ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR Part 1201 CAT I impact resistance requirements.

Lead Glass Pro X-Ray Lead Glass Characteristics:

  • Available in more than 50 sizes up to 96” x 48”
  • Numerous X-Ray Radiation Shielding levels are available
  • 3-Day standard fabrication
  • Available with lead-lined vision frames for doors or lead-lined telescoping frames for walls
  • Available in 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm, 3.7mm lead shielding equivalencies (and higher upon request)
  • Provides approx. 88% spectral light transmission
  • High-quality and dense, providing dependable shielding
  • Used for X-Ray, Gamma, Alpha, and Beta photon shielding only

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