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Window and Door Frame Lead Lining Kits

Lead can be used to line both door and window frames in x-ray rooms. Although frames only fill a very small gap between lead backed drywall and glass or between the lead drywall and lead doors, on an atomic level, that gap is huge.

Lead drywall, glass and doors are not enough; without a lead lined frame, radiation will stream through even the smallest gap and expose everyone in the medical center to dangerous levels of radiation.

Lead should never be installed in any residential applications and should never be exposed when the installation is finished.

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Frame Lead Lining Kit
What Is A Lead Lining Kit?

A lead lining kit is a set of components designed to create a dense layer of lead that is applied to the inside of walls, windows, and doors. Lead lining shield against radiation, which is a crucial addition for hospitals, cancer research centers, and imaging centers.

These kits are a sensible long-term investment that will provide many years of protection against radiation.

Frame Lead Lining Installation

Lead lining kits are installed in the throat (wall cavity) of the frame.

You must maintain 1/2" lead overlap per NCRP guidelines, meaning, the lead lining in the frame must overlap the lead lining in the wall by at least 1/2" as well as the glass or the lead lining in the door.

A standard flat kit can be purchased which will fit any standard frame but will need to be bent by the installer, or we can fabricate pre-bent kits specific to your frame profile.

For pre-bent kits, we need the frame dimensions to properly pre-form the lead for the window or door frame.

Once the lead is properly bent to the frame profile, it must be adhered to the throat of the frame with a construction adhesive that bonds metal to metal such as MetalBond SB-12 or Liquid Nails Fuze-it Max.

The frame should not be disturbed during the cure time listed on your adhesive

The lead lining in the frame must meet or exceed the lead lining requirements of the wall that the frame occurs in. It is the customer's responsibility to confirm the lead thickness prior to ordering.

Frame Lead Lining Kits

The Cost of Lead Lining Kits

The cost of a lead lining kit will depend on the type of kit you choose.
For instance, frame lead lining kit costs vary depending on the thickness used.

On top of this, the price will vary depending on how much material you need. You can purchase these lead lining kits that are designed to be applied to multiple surfaces in a single go.

This will significantly reduce the cost of installing lead lining, particularly if you’re applying it to multiple rooms.

For specific pricing, you may request a quote through us for a better idea on exact pricing for your circumstances.


Frame lead lining kits allow you to line both your window and door frames in x-ray rooms. Even if you already have lead drywall, glass, and doors, this is not enough.

For complete radiation protection, lead lining kits are crucial.

Remember that lead should never be installed in any residential applications and should never be exposed when the installation is finished.


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